Target’s Compromised Credit Card Data – The Importance of a Good Message

Target, unfortunately, is quickly becoming an example of what NOT to do when a business discovers that it has become a victim of a very serious data breach. Target has found that, as experts in customer relations tells us, communication and messages to customers cannot sound off-key.

Target made many of its customers furious by posting that the “issue was identified and resolved.” Even if the issue was identified, and perhaps resolved (more on this in future posts) within Target, the company’s messaging team should have taken their customers’ view.


The issue was certainly not resolved for many of these customers. Jonathan Quimbly’s editor’s choice reader comment in the New York Times Dec. 19th website front page, expressed this shared sense of frustration:


That Target had no time to carefully craft an action plan –along with confidence-building wording for their website and a truly explanatory press release– is unfortunately an example of how preparation and contingency planning are vital to keep customers happy.

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