Target’s and Adobe’s Handling of a Breach

How these two companies handled a data breach is a study in contrasts. One of these companies decided to bite the bullet early and offer free credit card monitoring and protection to customers once a data breach was reported (Adobe). The other (Target) offered these services only later, under pressure, and with further damage to its reputation, and only after additional details showed that the original breach was much worse than reported.

In today’s environment free credit monitoring is basically a given after a data breach –Target needed to offer this as soon as it announced the breach. Yet, after creating more doubts and panic among some of its customers on Dec. 19th, it wasn’t until January 10th, that Target’s CEO announced the monitoring.

Adobe’s data breach is now past history, and Adobe customers continue to flock to its Creative Cloud offerings. Target, however, remains in the news and will remain so for yet an undetermined but extensive period of time.

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