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Yes we hear, Continuous Innovation is for companies big and small, for startups bootstrap-in’ and for staid businesses wanting to recover that spark. Yes, certainly this is the case –but so it is for that most fundamental block of all organizations: people. Yes, indeed, continuous innovation and transformation are for flesh and blood human beings too.

And it is perhaps most difficult to transform individuals –individuals, after all, have emotions, remain grounded by their past, and carry the benefits and baggage of an entire live filled with success, failures, adaptations, and maladaptations, a touch of enchantment, and quite a few quirks. And humans, the most basic of resources, are not cogs, black boxes, costs, or disruptors. They have, after all, mind, soul, and heart.

Startup Institute

But so it is that a group of innovators are positively disrupting the lives of quite a few folks right now –and while at it, making waves in the areas of career incubators, human resources, training, startup culture, innovation, and coding schools. This is what Startup Institute is all about, yes, but at a deeper level, Startup Institute is about self-transformation.

Skepticism, of course, is a natural response. But this special magic is indeed real, and being there, I know it first-hand. Check out these first-person stories, told with authenticity and passion:

Margaret Gigler

Jose Luis Ramos

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