ICD10 –A Bit Humorous, but also Insurance Serious

If your health insurer ever comes back and tells you that injuries sustained while petting sea lions require further scrutiny, that healthcare after space travel require more documentation, or that malfunctioning waterskis might result in the manufacturer also being held responsible, then this might be because ICD10 –the new category system of diseases and healthcare problems– is being used.

Though proper statistical classification of injuries and diseases will allow much better data analysis of public health issues with a plethora of benefits, a minutely detailed system such as ICD10 will empower Medicare and insurers to much more efficiently go after third parties that might share medical expense liability (i.e. so called coordination of benefits and recovery). Injuries caused by petting sea lions, as coded in ICD10, for example, alerts the insurer about possible third party liability –perhaps the marine park’s insurer?

Nobody can, nevertheless, deny the dark sense of humor behind some of the weirdest ICD10 codes!


“Piggy Bank and Stethoscope” attrib. cooldesign, freedigitalphotos.net
“Just what the Doctor Orders” attrib. topmedicalcodingschools.com

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