Seeking Wisdom with David Cancel

There are extremely bright entrepreneurs, and there are extremely bright mentors —but David Cancel, of Drift, Hubspot, Performable, and Ghostery fame— is not only both and entrepreneur and a mentor. He also is a scientist’s with an observing mind that is pondering the hard questions: Why a startup succeeds or fails? What truly makes an engineering team productive? How can companies scale and succeed year after year?


This is the stuff that David Cancel is exploring, and sharing, in his Seeking Wisdom podcast —and his answers are not only revealing but practical. David’s hard earned lessons on the development process, on how it is time to evolve into a Customer Driven Development Process where the team is always connected to end-users –and lives and dies by amazing customers (or not) everyday– is the missing piece to Scrum or other Agile processes that need to be updated to today’s app and web-driven world (where you have potentially tens of thousands of end users, if not many more, ready to be delighted —or to never return).

Even say some ten years ago a development team had a different relationship to its customers. Most enterprise software would be deployed once a year at most. Shrink-wrapped customer software would remain several months on the shelf and outside of minimal updates, customers would only update when refreshing their OS version. How things have changed! Now applications can be improved overnight –and users can leave an application overnight, never to return. Hence a much more tightly coupled relationship between the development team and customers must exist. How to do this is what David is exploring in Seeking Wisdom.

This podcast is a real jewel. Highly recommended!

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