About Manuel and Zedbit

ZedBit is the place where many a fun and curious technology and software facts, and some smart and perhaps even wise opinions, live.

From user experience to encryption, ZedBit is Manuel’s blog, and its role is to share, provide some technical knowledge, but also some opinions and points of view, and to engage in an active stance. When having to feed a blog, one hopefully develops a stronger eye for authorship and criticism.

Happy reading!



Manuel studied Computer Science at the University of Kansas and graduated with honors and distinction. He has lived in the Midwest and now resides in Boston, Massachusetts. He has helped build a surgical information system from the ground up, worked in developing medical record applications, and participated in migrating enterprise-wide scheduling and revenue systems to the web, to virtualization, and to ASP/SaaS/Cloud models. His objective, in simple terms, is to keep both internal and external customers productive and delighted by placing the team first, and leading by stepping aside when necessary.

In his free time, Manuel enjoys activities such as swimming, running, climbing, and trying to do astronomy in the only region of the country where amateur –and professional– astronomers are allowed to not know the current phase of the Moon, given that New England’s skies are cloudy most, if not all of the time.

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