Other Github Projects


This is a quick index to some my github projects, feel free to contribute to them, clone them, comment, etc.

  • Wordy is ruby code that translates a number into its equivalent English expression, say $914 into ‘nine hundred fourteen dollars’ This is a bit hard to do if the goal is to create elegant, expandable code. This code example uses lambda to store functions as values –which in turn are retrieved via table-based programming to retrieve and execute functions that “peel” off powers of ten, from higher to lower powers, to get to an accurate number value.
  • RMI Bank is an object-oriented Java project that models distributed ATMs and a bank via Java’s Remote Method Invocation (RMI) framework. The ATMs are implemented via a factory that creates ATMs on demand.
  • SI takes a quick stab at Euler 11 in ruby.

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