Send a Message via RESTful APIs

Send an SMS via the web! If you want to use the app, please get in touch so that I can assign to you a temporary password. That way, you can SMS the person of your choice and try the app. If you already have your credentials, you can run it from here or click on the image below.

Send a Message

This web app, which uses Javascript, CSS, jQuery, and PHP as a back-end, uses Twilio’s SMS APIs to send a text message to a phone number of your choice. The true challenge of this app is user’s validation. The user should be able to enter a phone number and receive immediate feedback –is the phone number correct or incorrect? Can the user employ common separation characters such as parentheses, periods, or dashes?

To add to the complexity, there is no absolute formatting for a world phone number, nor can it be fully grasped by any regular expression. At some point we have to try the user’s input.

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